How to Keep Rabbits from Eating Coneflowers Guide


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Gardeners everywhere cherish coneflowers for their vibrant colors and hardy disposition. Yet, their appeal isn’t limited to humans. Rabbits, with their insatiable appetites for fresh greenery, often find coneflowers an irresistible treat. If you’ve been battling these furry foes in your garden, don’t despair! There are several effective and humane ways to protect your coneflowers from becoming a bunny banquet.

Understand the Culprits

Before we dive into the methods, it’s essential to know your enemy. Rabbits have a keen sense of smell, which leads them to delicious plants like coneflowers. They’re most active during dawn and dusk, so those are the times you’ll want to be especially vigilant.

Physical Barriers: Fencing

One of the most effective ways to keep rabbits at bay is by installing a fence. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Height: A two-foot-tall fence should suffice, as most rabbits won’t jump over it.
  • Material: Chicken wire or hardware cloth with a one-inch mesh is ideal.
  • Burying: Ensure that you bury at least 6 inches of the fence underground. Rabbits are notorious diggers, so this will prevent them from burrowing underneath.

Plant Choices

Incorporate plants in your garden that rabbits dislike. While they love coneflowers, they detest plants like foxgloves, lavender, and rosemary. Surrounding your coneflowers with these plants can act as a natural deterrent.

Natural Repellents

There are several organic, homemade repellents you can use:

  • Garlic and Chili Spray: Mix garlic, chili peppers, and water in a blender. Strain the mixture and spray it around your plants. Rabbits detest the strong odor.
  • Egg Spray: Mix one egg with a gallon of water and spray it on the foliage. The scent of the egg confuses and deters rabbits.

Note: You will need to reapply these repellents after heavy rain.

Store-bought Repellents

Several commercial repellents deter rabbits without harming plants or the environment. They usually contain natural ingredients like putrescent egg solids, garlic, or capsaicin. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and reapply as directed.

Garden Decoys

Scare tactics can be surprisingly effective:

  • Owl or Hawk Decoys: Stationing fake birds of prey around your garden can deter smaller creatures, including rabbits.
  • Aluminum Foil Balls: The reflection and noise of crinkling aluminum can scare away rabbits. Spread them around the coneflowers for protection.
  • Motion-Activated Sprinklers: These devices detect movement and release a burst of water. Not only do they deter rabbits, but they also water your garden!

Tidy Up Your Garden

Rabbits love to hide in tall grasses, piles of leaves, or stacks of wood. By keeping your garden tidy and free from such hideouts, you make it less inviting for them.

Encourage Natural Predators

While you don’t want your garden to become a hunting ground, encouraging the presence of natural rabbit predators can keep rabbit populations in check. Birds of prey, foxes, and even cats can help. Installing a bird perch or owl house can attract these beneficial creatures.

Companion Animals

If you own a dog or cat, their presence in the garden can be a deterrent. The scent of these animals signals danger to rabbits, making them think twice before hopping into your garden.

Be Persistent

Like all creatures, rabbits adapt and learn. What works initially might become less effective over time. It’s essential to remain vigilant, switch tactics when necessary, and continuously observe your garden’s dynamics.


Gardening can sometimes feel like a game of cat and mouse—or, in this case, gardener and rabbit. Coneflowers are undoubtedly worth the effort to protect. By using a combination of the methods listed above, you can keep your coneflowers safe and your garden rabbit-free. Remember, the goal isn’t to harm or eradicate rabbits but to coexist in harmony, with boundaries that allow both the garden and its furry visitors to thrive.



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